Luisa Salomón Milne
Lancaster School
Ganadora del primer lugar - XVII Shakespeare Competition
Ir a Oxford este verano fue la mejor experiencia de mi vida. No lo digo en una forma exagerada porque es lo que se supone que debo decir, sino genuinamente ha sido la mejor cosa en la que he participado en mi vida. Ser enviado a un lugar maravilloso para estudiar durante tres semanas lo que más te apasiona es el sueño del mundo entero. Los maestros era maravillosos, mis compañeros eran increíbles y el lugar era bellísimo. Fue la combinación perfecta. Cabe mencionar que también fue de las cosas más difíciles que he tendido que hacer. Cada día tienes que dar tu cien por ciento porque no solo es tu trabajo el que esta en riesgo, si no es el de tus compañeros. Aprendí que tan importante es el trabajo en equipo en el teatro y confiar el uno en el otro. Aprendí, no solo sobre el análisis de un texto, si no a fallar e intentar de nuevo. Obtuve experiencias que no son solo para el teatro si no, también para la vida. Conocí a las mejores personas y todas eran de lugares muy diferentes del que yo vengo y me hizo entender mucho más del mundo y como funciona. Hice amigos de por vida que sé, que aunque no los vea todos los días, tuvimos memorias inolvidables que no unirán de cierta manera para siempre. Este verano realmente me cambio y me hizo ver más claramente que quiero hacer con mi vida. Aprendí que se sentiría estudiar en un conservatorio y aprendí muchísimo sobre la industria. Siento que de una forma extraña, maduré. Agradezco mucho a Anglo Arts por dejarnos vivir esta inolvidable experiencia y le recomiendo a todos participar en la Shakespeare Competition, porque uno nunca sabe de lo que es capaz.
Alina Aksiyote
The American School Foundation
Ganadora del primer lugar - X Shakespeare Competition

My experience with BADA in Oxford this summer was absolutely incredible! Every class I took has helped my acting immensely, and thanks to this program, I now have the confidence and technique to walk into an audition room and nail a part. In only three weeks, I learned an incredible amount on acting and Shakespeare, and (here's the best part) with other people who love acting and Shakespeare! This is what I loved most— being around passionate people who love what they do, people who in a period of only three weeks become your lifelong friends. The teachers are excellent (they know what they're doing) and everyone working at BADA was always around watching out for us. Oxford is also a great, beautiful place to be, and you get to go off with friends into the city and have a good time. Studying at BADA's Midsummer Conservatory Program in Oxford is by far, one of the best experiences I've ever had.
Alexis González Guarneros
Escuela Tomás Alva Edison
Ganador del segundo lugar - X Shakespeare Competition
This experience is something that I will never forget in my entire life; at the beginning I didn´t feel with the capacity to do something outstanding in the Shakespeare competition and was wondering how the attitudes of the competitors were going to be with each other. Fortunately, all of us were so supportive with each other, which is something hard to find in a contest; there is something magical in the atmosphere that makes each competitor feel at home. 
I really didn´t care about winning the first prize, but to perform something with enough quality because I like to give the best from me. I couldn´t believe it when I was announced as the winner of the 1st prize.
The attention of BADA (British American Drama Academy) is really awesome, because before your arrival, the people of the programme is sending you lots of information in order that you don´t have any problems. The relationship they enter into you is really friendly and makes you feel so comfortable. 
There are lots of things to learn during the midsummer conservatory programme: theatre & culture, text, character, voice, movement, period dance ... and it is the responsibility of each student to relate everything. But that is not that hard to achieve because everything is explained so clearly and all of the classes are so enjoyable. The teachers are excellent, for they are really happy to share with everyone what they know. 
This unique experience also offers the possibility for knowing new people and make new friends; you have enough time for studying and spending a lot of time with your peers. It has been something I will never forget in my entire life and has made my wish to study abroad stronger, so I will be applying now for studying acting in UK.
Julián Canseco
The Modern American School
Ganador del segundo lugar - IX Shakespeare Competition
A competition of sense-sharpening rivalry on the stage, but a profound and almost inexplicable camaraderie. A night filled with an awesome, powerful river of words, liquid and light: immortal. A day of overpowering vulnerability that leads to humility, but eventually, character. A truly self-discovering and life-changing experience. 
Ana Valdez
Greengates School
Ganadora del primer lugar - IX Shakespeare Competition

Grappling with the subtle artistry of Shakespeare’s language, the attuned gesture, the inferred meaning: this is what I enjoyed about the Shakespeare Competition. It was a means of self-expression, of igniting my passion for the art, but also of relishing the company of those who shared that enjoyment of this playwright’s work. No regrets!
Juliana Lama Guerrero
Churchill College
Ganadora del tercer lugar - IX Shakespeare Competition

Passion. Stamina. Stability. These words represent the bond the Shakespeare Competition honed between me and my love for theatre. My learning process throughout the competition emerged from the shadows of my soul into a soothing trail of thought, a trail that led to psychological catharsis. This cultivated emotional stability, as well as an astonishing artistic breakthrough and creative gratification. Best of luck to all future participants.
Paul Bunian Burgess
The American School Foundation
Ganador del primer lugar - VIII Shakespeare Competition

Up until the first few days of my freshman year of college, I was not intending to pursue a theatrical career beyond high school. However, when I was meeting with an advisor to discuss my first classes, it just so happened that the President of the Theater Society was passing through the room just in time to hear about my participation in the Shakespeare Competition and Midsummer Conservatory. The rest is history-- I've since played the lead in Arthur Miller's "The Ride Down Mount Morgan," was awarded "Best Actor" for my performance as Henry/Pistol/Duke of Orleans in Shakespeare's "Henry V," and have declared a theater minor and am looking forward to teaching high school drama in the future.
Adrian Rawlinson
The Lancaster School
Finalist -  VIII, IX & X Shakespeare Competition
The Shakespeare Competition is an incredible event where making new friends is a valuable part of it. The experience is unforgettable and you exit with your head held high.
Nuria Palau
Churchill College
Finalist - VIII Shakespeare Competition

Participating in the Competition for three years meant discipline, understanding, insight, sharing, and growing, for both the comprehension and the love of Shakespeare.
Claudio Vargas
Churchill College
Finalist - VII Shakespeare Competition

When I first heard it, the name William Shakespeare meant a bust, a portrait, a scary name that really intelligent people used while making intelligent conversations. Then it was a heavy burden, an unreachable ideal which should be capitalised each and every time it was used. The Shakespeare Competition liberated Mr. Shakespeare from his bronze bust and turned him into words. Living, breathing, words; permeating every actor's movement on stage. Words which made theatre less stiff and more fun; that made poetry a language to be used everyday.
Arusi Santestéban
Colegio Marymount, Cuernavaca
Ganador del primer lugar - VI Shakespeare Competition

This competition inspired me to pursue a career in the theatre. It opened doors for me I never even knew existed. I am honored and immensely grateful that I was able to be part of this wonderful Competition.
Catalina Berarducci
Colegio Peterson Cuajimalpa
Ganadora del segundo lugar - VI Shakespeare Competition

To me the Shakespeare Competition meant understanding the incredible universe of William Shakespeare little bit more, and I say a little bit because it would be a lie to say that I understand it fully. I probably never will, but I will compete again and again just to recite his wonderful words...he was a crazy genius, he understood life and thanks to this opportunity I got to be closer to that understanding, so for that thank you very, very much to all of the people involved.
Ana Díaz
Churchill College
Finalist - VI Shakespeare Competition

The Shakespeare Competition was a chance for me to get closer to Shakespeare. The competition provided me with the opportunity to see how relevant his works still are in our times and gave me a way to connect with them in a more personal level. It showed me the importance Shakespeare had in the evolution of Drama. Being a part of the Competition also encouraged me to carry on pursuing my wish to study a degree in Theatre.
Alexis Ortega
The American School Foundation
Ganador del primer lugar - V Shakespeare Competition

The Shakespeare Competition was, for me, the threshold into the world of acting. But more importantly, it opened my eyes to the power and beauty of Shakespeare, which has changed my life and countless others for the better.
Tania Tripp 

Colegio Marymount, Cuernavaca

Finalist - V Shakespeare Competition

For me the Shakespeare Competition was a really special event in my life. It gave me both the experience and confidence to believe that I had potential in the acting world. At the same time it has been a great honor and a privilege to know that I have been part of such an important competition. It was also a delightful experience to get to interpret a character and a sonnet of one of the most recognized playwrights of all time; it was nonetheless a challenge and quite a battle for me, but when I stood on the stage, just the fact of being there and participating meant the world for me at that moment and it truly changed my life. I can say now that it was the event that opened my heart to theatre and acting and gave me the boost of confidence I needed to believe in myself. For this I will be forever grateful.